05 Feb

Over the years, Amazon Alexa has popped up in so many different places beyond our expectations. The Alexa app set up is available for cars, thermostats. Refrigerators, television, and even light bulbs. Now, you can download the Alexa app on your Android and iOS device and access the amazing Alexa features to enjoy the smart experience. 

Almost, every Android device can access the Amazon Alexa, here is how you can use it: 

Use Amazon Alexa for Android Device 

Fortunately, there are different ways you can consider accessing the Amazon Alexa app on your Android device. Regardless, how you summon Amazon Alexa app on your Android device, here are somethings you can say: 

‘Play My Flash Briefing’. 

‘Reorder my towels’. 

‘Read Ready Player One’. 

‘Turn off the lights’. 

‘Open Big Sky’. 

‘Tell August to Lock Front Door’. 

How to Download the Alexa app on Android?

Downloading the Amazon Alexa app on the Android device is a very simple and easy process. Following the are guidelines that can help you to do so: 

  • Turn on your Android phone and make sure your device has enough battery to download and use the Alexa app. 

  • Connect your Android device to the wifi or turn on the mobile data.

  • Now, go to the Google Play store. 

  • In the search bar, type Amazon Alexa and click to search. 

  • From the result list, click on the Amazon Alexa app and tap on the install button to download the app on your device. 

  • Let the downloading process get completed. 

  • After the app is successfully installed, you need to open the application and sign in to use the service.

  • To sign in, you will need Amazon Login credentials. So, if you do not have an Amazon account yet, create one now. 

These simple guidelines will let you complete Alexa App Setup on your Android device. 

Set the Amazon Alexa as your Default Assistant 

On your Android device, you can also set the Amazon Alexa as the default digital assistant ( replaces the Google Assistant). To do this, go to the ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘Assist App. 

Now, choose the Amazon Alexa app. This will not work with the Hands-free Activation, however, and this will also prevent the use of wake phrase ‘Hey Google’ from working. Instead, you have to press the Home button for a long time to summon Amazon Alexa after you set the app as your default assistant for your Android device. 

The Wrap Up 

The Amazon Alexa Setup for Android can infiltrate your beach trip, your home and may even ride to your work. There are many ways to interact with Amazon Alexa- with Echo Dot, Echo Look, Echo Studio, Dash Wand, Echo Flex, Echo Show, and Amazon Fire TV - you may start talking to her more. 

The list of commands is expanding faster as there are many third-party services and devices which Amazon Alexa supports officially ( and unofficially). 

So, follow the aforementioned guidelines and complete the Alexa App Set up for your Android device. 

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