21 Jan

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that works on your Wake Words. The device has gained popularity due to its outstanding features. You need to download the Alexa App to operate the Echo Device. Alexa can do ample things for you such as play your favorite music, set alarms & reminders, turn off-on lights and fans, control your all the smart home devices, manage your daily list to do things and much more. You can control the Alexa even if you are not at home. If you want to know how to set up Echo Dot without App, then contact the experts for help. 

The Amazon Echo speakers are easy to set up. You must need a perfect internet connection. The Echo Dot device has been designed by using the latest technological trends. The capability of Alexa makes your life easy. 

Steps to set up the Amazon Alexa

If you are using Alexa for the first time, then initially you need to set up the Alexa. Here are the easy steps that you can follow carefully to set up the Amazon Alexa as follows:

Download & install the Amazon Alexa App

The first step is to download & install the Amazon Alexa App on your device. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest as well as the compatible version of the Alexa App.

Sign in the Amazon account

This is the most important step that you one to follow. You must have an Amazon account before begin. You can sign in if you already have an Amazon Account. In case you don’t have an account, then create a new one. 

Now Pick your Echo Device to Set Up

You need to click on the hamburger menu () and then choose the ‘Add Device’ option. You can add any number of Alexa-supported devices to the account. You need to tap Amazon Echo; at the next screen, click the Echo device which you want to set up.

Echo device Entered to Setup Mode

Plugin the Echo device by using the included power adapter. As soon as you plug in the Echo device, the light ring available on the Echo device changes to orange color. It indicates that Alexa greets you. 

Connect with the WiFi Network

Close the Alexa app and then open the WiFi settings of your device. Look for an Amazon network and click on connect. Then return to the Alexa app to continue with the setup process. In the Alexa App, you will see the list of all the WiFi Networks. Choose your home WiFi Network. Use the right password to connect with the WiFi Network.

Talk with Alexa

Follow all the on-screen guidelines carefully and complete the Alexa Set up process. After the completion of the setup, you can start talking with it by using the voice commands. It will start many things every day and thus makes your life exciting and hassle-free.

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